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Tiny Whispers

A free Valentine's Day ritual to lovingly call in your future baby

February 14th, 2024

2 PM EST (11 AM PT) / 8 PM CET)

This transformational event is free to all registered attendees (replays available for 48 hrs)

What if I told you that there was a soft way to call in your future baby?


That your baby is already near you –

letting its presence be known through tiny whispers.


And in those tiny whispers there’s a ton of information.


Your baby is telling you how it would like to be conceived,


what next steps you should take on your fertility journey,


and the old stories and patterns that it’s time to let go off.

This is for you (and your partner) if: 

Candle in Hands
  • You'd like to get pregnant

  • You want to connect to your baby from a place of love, trust, and surrender

  • You want to discover how ritual can help you get out of your thinking mind and conceive more intuitively

Your host

My name is Françoise and I work as a mindful fertility coach. 

My own fertility journey lasted for over a decade, during which time I learned the importance of surrender and trusting life to unfold on its own pace. 

IVF blessed me and my husband with our son Benjamin in 2020 and with our twin babies David and Robin in 2022. 

I continue to work with women who are on a fertility journey, guiding them back to their bodies and showing them how to find a bit of lightness even in the darkest of times. 

I am also the host of 'That Fertile Feeling - The Podcast'.

After this ritual you will: 

  • discern your baby's tiny whispers & signs and connect to their energy throughout your day to lovingly call them in

  • work through blockages that stand between you and your baby

  • feel guided by the cosmic bond that already exists between you and your baby and that will help you conceive from place of love and trust

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