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Abdominal Therapy

What is abdominal therapy?

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Abdominal therapy works on the position and health of pelvic and abdominal organs to improve reproductive function.

I use a variety of techniques, massage, energy healing, and herbal formulas to support the body to release physical and emotional congestion, by bringing about better circulation of arterial blood, venous blood, nerve supply, lymph and energy. 

These basic self-care techniques have traditionally been used by women around the globe to optimise their pelvic health and fertility.

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Who can benefit from abdominal therapy? 

Although abdominal therapy has health benefits for anyone (men and women alike), I work with specific protocols for women that fall in the following categories:


  • You are consciously preparing to start conceiving in a couple of months time and you want to optimize your pelvic and hormonal health;

  • You are trying to conceive naturally and you want to give your fertility a boost;

  • You are in fertility treatment but you also want to support your fertility more holistically;

  • You have experienced pregnancy loss – or are in the midst of losing your baby – and you want to gently work with your body to process the loss;

  • You have been diagnosed with PCOS, endometriosis or adenomyosis and you’re looking to address your symptoms and improve your pelvic health.

What does the consult look like?

We start with an online intake (1 hr) where we go through your medical history to design a protocol for you. As a part of this protocol, I will teach you a version of the ‘Your Abdominal Massage’ (YAM) technique that is tailored to your unique situation and cycle.


This is already an amazing way to add abdominal theraphy to your life and self-care repertoire.


For those seeking more in-depth support, you can subsquently book monthly in-person abdominal therapy sessions with me (1-1.5 hrs).


In-person session prices

1 session - €125
4 sessions - €488
8 sesssions - €888
12 sessions - €1188

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