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Three Women

Fertility support

Throughout my own decade-long infertility journey, I discovered that it's possible to develop a softer approach towards yourself and towards conception. In my work, I guide you back to your body and your intuition so that you take the next step on your fertility journey from a place of love, trust and confidence.

Pregnancy loss

Losing your baby is devastating. It is also one of the loneliest moments in your life. Grief presents differently for every person, because it brings up deeper layers of pain and trauma that have never been addressed before. I create a safe space for you to process what is coming up for you at this fragile time.

Pouring Massage Oil

Abdominal Therapy

A variety of techniques, massage, energy healing, and herbal formulas to support the body to release physical and emotional congestion, by bringing about better circulation of arterial blood, venous blood, nerve supply, lymph and energy.

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