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Fertility Support

It's time to create a nourishing fertility journey

To surrender to nature's mysterious ways


To truly listen to your body and connect to her inner wisdom

To embrace your emotions and build a reservoir of resilience

To experience genuine pleasure

To find more joy, ease, and effortlessness in your life.

But how do you do that when you want to get pregnant SO BADLY?

When all you can think about is:


There must be something wrong with me 

I just need to try harder

Only getting pregnant will ever make me feel truly happy and complete


You may feel like time is running out and you need to do everything you can to make this work. At one time, I even calculated all the ovulations I had left until I'd turn 40...


The burden of unwanted childlessness is a very heavy one to carry


Even though you may want to relax and stop focusing so much on getting pregnant,

it's really impossible to let go.


To be able to do so, you will have to learn to surrender to what is


To letting life unfold itself in a way that you can't control


And focus on the only thing that you can control –

how well you take care of yourself along the way


It's a completely new way of living and conceiving


Are you ready?

What I offer

Online course with fertility meditations and exercises for each phase of your cycle

3-month guided group program that helps you develop a nourished approach to conception

The most intimate and in-depth support you can get. For the woman ready to transform her journey

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Cyclical fertility

Cyclical fertility is an online course for the woman who wants to work with all the different phases of her cycle to create a nourishing fertility journey. You are craving support to relax more into the process, so that you can stop trying so hard, start enjoying life again, and work in partnership with your body and invite a pregnancy in from a place of confidence.  

+5 modules packed with videos, meditations, rituals, and

complementary yoga classes for every phase of your cycle

+ 2 additional modules focused on pregnancy loss and early pregnancy

+access to the online message board

Three Women

Healing / Fertility

A 3-month group program is for you if you’re ready to conceive from a place of love, trust and surrender – even if your journey is a difficult one. You will learn how to use your fertility journey to heal and become a better parent, meet your spirit baby and the mother within yourself, take THE best care of yourself along the way, and connect to women on similar journeys.

+ 4 live group calls on Zoom with Q&A (2 hrs - replay available)

+ 8 pre-recorded guided sessions

+ community (max. 10 women)

+ Whatsapp support for all your questions (Mon-Fri)

+ buddy for 1:1 sharing and support (optional)

+ lifetime access to all replays and guided sessions


Private coaching

These are private sessions for women who feel a deep desire and resolve to transform their fertility journey. I will guide you to access to your intuition and deep inner knowing to inform your fertility journey. 

+ personalised meditations that are aligned with the current phase of your cycle and treatment

+ recorded practices that you can use in-between sessions to prepare for conception

+ guided journeys to connect you to your inner wisdom and help you decide on next steps

+ rituals and embodiment practices to help you process grief and loss 

+ Whatsapp support for all your questions (Mon-Fri)

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