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Pregnancy loss

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Pregnancy loss is one of life’s biggest initiations. It cracks you open and shakes you to your core. It also often activates deeper wounds that can no longer able be ignored as your barriers have come crashing down. 

And yet, there's hardly any support or information out there to help you navigate this fragile time in your life. 

That's why I am here for you.

Depending on where you're at on your loss journey, I help you come up with a plan to support yourself through the phases of physical loss and recovery.

We also focus on what is needed to process the loss emotionally and integrate the experience fully so that it doesn't keep weighing you down subconsciously. 

Through guided meditations, breath work and movement, we'll help the body release any stuck emotions and allow you to connect to the memory of your baby and the love and joy they brought you. 

What you can expect

  • personalised meditations that are aligned with where you're currently at in your loss

  • recorded practices that you can use in-between sessions to process your grief

  • guided journeys to connect with the baby you lost and help you keep on to the good memories that once were there

  •  rituals and embodiment practices to help you process grief and loss 

We can also mix in one or more Abdominal Therapy sessions that support your physical recovery by improving blood flow to your womb and belly and can give you a deep sense of being held and supported at this difficult time in your life. 

How others have benefited form this work


Working with you on feeling safe and surrendered is what allowed me to really process my loss. And now that we’ve worked through that, I’m finally ready to call my clinic and schedule our next transfer. I couldn’t do that before – I literally couldn’t pick up the phone and call them.


You created a safe space for me to pay attention to all the pain I’ve been through, and suggested I could give it love, time, and care. This also was new to me, as I try to put these days behind me, without real notice of how they affected me. Busy trying to survive, and to keep going, feeling every day the horrific sadness of not being a mum. As you rightly said, traumas are stored in the body. As you also rightly said, very little support is offered to women who go through this excruciating difficult journey. I was touched by your care, and by how fully you engaged with me. You were totally present, totally there.

More info about the 5 phases of loss

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