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Sister sessions

Infertility can really get you down!

And it can be so hard to keep picking yourself up again -

with disappointment following disappointment following disappointment.


You may feel like:  


Everyone in the world is getting pregnant but me

No one really understands what I'm going through 

People treat me like a victim and I hate it 

I feel so guilty all the time

I don't really enjoy being around people anymore

Throughout my own decade-long infertility journey, I discovered

the power of the sisterhood

as a key remedy to those very heavy lows.

Across space and time, women have routinely come together in sacred settings to connect and heal. Today, many women are finding their way back to women's circles because they crave that connection with the sisterhood. And with good reason. Because when women come together in a circle, healing happens.

In my sister sessions:


  • we come together to share what is on our minds - knowing we will not be met with unsolicited advice, opinions or judgments, 

  • we jointly tune into the deep, restorative energy present in our bodies,

  • we establish a deep, nurturing connection with other women.

Image by Becca Tapert

I create a space where we can share about our pain and struggles, without having them pull us under or have them completely define us.


A space where time slowed down a bit and where we can recharge by tuning into a feminine energy that holds us like a blanket.

A space where there is genuine acceptance of all parts of us – by women who hold us with loving compassion

It may seem like you have to fight this infertility battle all by yourself, 

but you know what,

you don’t have to.

There are so many women out there who know what you’re going through.


So I’ve created a space where women on fertility journeys can come together to lift each other up and heal our collective injury. Where we create space for each other’s stories and where we provide each other with support and relief.


It’s about finding a bit of lightness in what can be quite a dark journey.

About relaxing into this struggle and feeling that you don’t have to do this all by yourself.

Practical information

Three Women

The sister sessions are a biweekly 2-hour online circle that runs for three months (6 sessions in total). Within the circle, you will join me and a group of max. 10 women for guided sharings (an invitation to share what is on your mind for a couple of minutes, knowing that you can say everything you want and that you won't get any responses in return) and meditation, visualisation and writing exercises.

We also support each other outside of the sessions by connecting in a private Whatsapp group and through a buddy system. But you can definitely opt-out if that is not your thing. 

Price: 300 EUR

You can either join the sister sessions separately or add it in a bundle to your subscription to the self study course for maximum support (at maximum discount)

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Françoise empowers you, listens to you with an open heart and challenges you to move beyond your thinking mind so that you can access your feelings. Everything is welcome when you’re with her and that creates space so that all the feelings and emotions that are normally difficult to access can arise.



Frequently asked questions

 Will there be replays available of the sessions?​

​Unfortunately, that is not possible. The sessions are not a lecture but something that ​we create together. This requires everyone's active participation in the sessions. In addition, it is vital for the feeling of safety of all participants that what is shared in the sessions remains confidential. 

I'm tired of sitting behind screens all day long. Do we really have to do this online?​

I feel you. Screens seem to have taken over our lives these past years. Luckily, I mainly use the screen as a way for us to connect during the sessions. I use active meditations and practices to make sure you activated throughout and I invite you to create a comfortable space at home where you can work with the group. ​

What if I get pregnant in the second week? I don't think I'd feel comfortable participating in the remaining sessions.​

I know from experience that early pregnancy can be a scary time - especially if you've experienced pregnancy loss before. Let's take it one step at a time and see how you feel when you get there - the support of the group can also be really serving in the first trimester. In addition, it can be very uplifting for the other participants to see that 'one of our own' has ​been fortunate enough to conceive. 

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