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Healing / Fertility 

Infertility can really get you down!

And it can be so hard to keep picking yourself up again -

with disappointment following disappointment following disappointment

That's why I created Healing / Fertility: 

a 3-month guided journey that helps you create a healing and nurturing fertility journey


This is for you if

  • your fertility journey is hard and difficult

  • you feel that trying to conceive has become something technical and devoid of joy

  • you’re losing yourself in the process

  • you're stressed out by all the advice out there on how to improve your chances of getting pregnant

  • you're feeling lonely and isolated – like no one really gets what you’re going through

Healing / Fertility will help you 

  • use your fertility journey to heal and become a better parent

  • conceive from a place of welcome, love and magic – even when your journey is a difficult one

  • connect to your spirit baby and the mother within yourself

  • take THE best care of yourself along the way

  • connect to women on similar journeys

Throughout my own decade-long infertility journey, I discovered

that it's possible to develop a softer approach

towards yourself and towards conception

Across space and time, women have routinely come together in sacred settings to connect and heal. Today, many women are finding their way back to women's circles because they crave that connection with the sisterhood. And with good reason. Because when women come together in a circle, healing happens.

Healing / Fertility's unique features:


  • guided practices to connect to inner wisdom and new perspectives on conception

  • breath and embodiment practices to open up to your body’s wisdom

  • women’s circle format to introduce the healing element of community

  • small group (max. 10 women) so that every live session can be tailored to your questions and needs

Image by Becca Tapert

You will walk away from this course with the tools to deal with feelings of grief, fear, shame & anger so you become more resilient


You will learn how to connect more to your body so that you take crucial decisions from a place of softness/love


I will share my surrender practices so that you can stop trying to control the process


You will know how to nourish yourself so that you feel more energized and joyful


You will create support systems that truly have your back 

Practical information

Three Women_edited_edited.png

If you sign up for Healing / Fertility, you will get:

6 live group calls on Zoom (2 hrs)

  Replays available of guided practices


Healing / Fertility is a biweekly 2-hour online women's circle that runs for three months (6 sessions in total). Within the circle, you will join me and a group of max. 10 women for guided sharings (an invitation to share what is on your mind for a couple of minutes, knowing that you can say everything you want and that you won't get any responses in return) and meditation, visualisation and writing exercises.

Community (max. 10 women)

  *Whatsapp group for all your questions

  *Buddy for 1:1 sharing and support

We also support each other outside of the sessions by connecting in a private Whatsapp group and through a buddy system. But you can definitely opt-out if that is not your thing. 


  1. Online Masterclass 'Manifesting your healing fertility journey'

  2. Online Masterclass 'Surrendering to your fertility challenges'

  3. Online Masterclass 'Dealing with grief and loss'

  4. Online Masterclass 'Turning fertility into a cyclical practice'

Price: 297 EUR

Or add my self-paced course ‘Cyclical Fertility’ (worth 300 EUR) in a bundle for a total of 375 EUR


Sunday October 1st

Sunday October 15th

Sunday October 29th

Sunday November 12th

Sunday November 26th

Sunday December 10th

Time: 8-10 PM Amsterdam (CET) / 11 AM - PM Los Angeles (PDT) / 2-3 PM New York (EDT)

Healing / Fertility sessions:

Session 1 - mournings & desires

  • Which part of yourself have you lost on your fertility journey?

  • Which dreams have you had to let go of? 

  • Which part of yourself would you like to (re)discover? Where can you find resilience?

Session 2 - releasing & healing

  • Which old pains and traumas are you holding onto in your womb space? 

  • What is your body holding on to that you're ready to let go of

  • How can you (re)connect with your body in a loving manner?

Session 3 - blockages and trust

  • Why do you think you're not getting pregnant? What is blocking you?

  • Are there things you blame yourself for or that you feel ashamed of? 

  • How can you access a feeling of trust and confidence? 

Session 4 - scarcity and abundance

  • What's the ultimate fear that's alive within you?

  • How does that influence your decisions?

  • How can you (re)connect to your body's intuitive wisdom and a feeling of abundance?

Session 5 - Creating a healing fertility journey

  • What areas of your life have truly lost their spark for you? 

  • How do the things that you're doing to get pregnant make you feel? What are the alternatives? 

  • How could you bring a bit of magic back into your life? 

Session 6 - Connecting with your spirit baby

  • What's standing between you and your baby?

  • What life events of family baggage have influenced your ideas about motherhood? 

  • How could you invite your baby into your life? 


Françoise empowers you, listens to you with an open heart and challenges you to move beyond your thinking mind so that you can access your feelings. Everything is welcome when you’re with her and that creates space so that all the feelings and emotions that are normally difficult to access can arise.



Frequently asked questions

My life is already so busy and hectic. Won’t this be too much?

Busyness is obviously one of the key characteristics of our modern-day lives. And it’s so easy to bring that same busyness into our fertility journey, where trying to get pregnant becomes another checkbox on your todo list. My course is an invitation to take some time every other week to slow down, to truly connect to yourself and your desire to become a mother and to feel what it is that you truly need on this journey – right now. It is an invitation to create space in your life for what truly matters. There’s no better way to start your journey into motherhood!

I'm tired of sitting behind screens all day long. Do we really have to do this online?​

I feel you. Screens seem to have taken over our lives these past years. Luckily, I mainly use the screen as a way for us to connect during the sessions. I use active meditations and practices to make sure you activated throughout and I invite you to create a comfortable space at home where you can work with the group. ​The added advantage is that the creation of a dedicated space for these practices in your home will make it easier for you to incorporate my tools into your daily life.

I feel so stuck – I don’t believe there’s a way to make this journey any easier

What is life but one long learning journey? That’s why this course is designed to provide you with the tools and insights you need to make small, but incremental changes in your life. In the long run, however, these practices will change your entire outlook on life. I’m not promising that I will fix you or that you will never feel crappy again. I’m promising that the next time that life hits you in the gut, you know how to take care of yourself.

 Will there be replays available of the sessions?​

After each session, I will share a recording of all of my guided practices on our Whatsapp group so that you can use these in-between sessions. It is not possible to record the entire session. The sessions are not a lecture but something that ​we create together. Although I use a fixed framework, I also actively work with your input to make sure that the sessions directly address whatever is happening on your journey – at this moment. This requires everyone's active participation in the sessions. In addition, it is vital for the feeling of safety of all participants that what is shared in the sessions remains confidential.

What if I get pregnant in the second week? I don't think I'd feel comfortable participating in the remaining sessions.​

I know from experience that early pregnancy can be a scary time - especially if you've experienced pregnancy loss before. Let's take it one step at a time and see how you feel when you get there - the support of the group can also be really serving in the first trimester. In addition, it can be very uplifting for the other participants to see that 'one of our own' has ​been fortunate enough to conceive. 

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