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Have you been trying to get pregnant for a while?
And do you feel like life has lost its spark along the way?

Then you have come to the right place! 

Hi, I'm Françoise 


I'm a fertility coach and meditation teacher for women who are tired of trying so hard to get pregnant. Who want life to be a bit more effortless again. Who want to return home in - and to -  themselves.

I have been where you are right now. During my decade-long fertility journey, I also lost a big part of myself in the process. My entire life started to revolve around that one thing I had no control over. 

But along the way, I discovered something important. A source of life energy and joy that is hidden within all of us. It's the kind of resilience you develop when you learn to truly embrace your deepest pain and fears. 


learn to connect to your feminine flow


get out of your head and into your body


experience genuine pleasure and find your authentic sensuality


embrace and heal your deepest fears and pain


put some magic back in your life

Life can be so much more effortless!

 When you work with me, you will:


Healing/Fertility really expanded my horizon. The guided journeys helped me find my way back to myself and helped me connect with my baby. I could really feel how my womb is a warm, welcoming nest – a place that I was never able to connect with before. Being an MD myself, I feel that this is a valuable program for women who are having trouble conceiving. 



Work with me 

That Fertile Feeling 
Self study course


The self study course recaps all of the key lessons that I learned throughout my own fertility journey. 

In this self-paced course, you will find practices to ground in your body, embrace your emotions, and access inner wisdom. 

You will start working with - rather than against your body - to create more fun, energy, and pleasure in your life. 

That Fertile Feeling 
Sister sessions

Image by Julia Caesar

The easiest way to find back your feminine flow is to connect to the power of sisterhood. 

In the online sister sessions, you will join me and a group of max. 10 women for guided sharings and practices. 

The online circles form a safe space for healing, connection, and recognition. Let the energy of the group work for you. 

That Fertile Feeling 
1:1 journey


This is for women who want to start a deep one-on-one healing journey to break through inner blockages

These are private sessions for women who feel a deep desire and resolve to find their feminine flow and step out of the fertility grind.

I only work with two to three private clients at a time to ensure I can fully drop into service for you.

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