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Private coaching


I offer a limited number of spaces for women who feel that they are ready to take a deep dive into their fertility journey and work through all the beliefs and blockages that they have accumulated along the way. Over the course of one, two, or three months, we have weekly online (or in-person if possible) meetings where we go within and work with any and all feelings and beliefs that present themselves.

As a general rule, I do not engage with your thoughts and beliefs. This is not talk therapy. Instead, I will help you identify where you are stuck and what is needed to get your energy flowing again. We will explore the feelings and emotions that lie underneath any blockages we encounter and work with breath, movement and body to release them.

You will learn to see your thoughts for what they are, just thoughts, and you will gain access to your intuition and deep inner knowing to inform your fertility journey. My end goal for you is that you feel that you're truly conceiving your baby from a place of love, trust, and surrender.

These are private sessions for women who feel a deep desire and resolve to find their feminine flow and step out of the fertility grind. I only work with two to three private clients at a time to ensure I can fully drop into service for you.

What you can expect:

  • personalised meditations that are aligned with the current phase of your cycle and treatment

  • recorded practices that you can use in-between sessions to prepare for conception

  • guided journeys to connect you to your inner wisdom and help you decide on next steps

  •  rituals and embodiment practices to help you process grief and loss 

We can also mix in one or more Abdominal Therapy sessions.

Best Value

1-month plan



4 sessions

Valid for 3 months

Best Value

2-month plan



8 sessions + whatsapp support (Mon-Fri)

Valid for 4 months

Best Value

3-month plan



12 1:1 sessions + whatsapp support (Mon-Fri) + bonus online 'Cyclical Fertility' course

Valid for 6 months

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