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Episode 80 - Functional nutrition for fertility w/ Michelle Strong

Françoise Molenaar

Mar 13, 2024

This episode features Michelle Strong, a nutritionist specializing in fertility. After facing her fertility struggles and an ectopic pregnancy, Michelle realized she needed to change the way in which she approached her fertility journey. She emphasizes the importance of identifying 'blind spots' in one's fertility, including mental health, supplementation, and nutrition. Michelle shares insights into the significant roles of gut health, inflammation, and male fertility. The conversation also delves into practical advice on nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle modifications to support fertility, advocating for a personalized approach based on comprehensive testing and individual needs.

Michelle Strong, a seasoned nutritionist with a profound background in fertility, offers a tailored path toward improved health and, ultimately, conception. This blog delves into the essence of functional nutrition, the intricacies of Michelle's work with her clients, the critical blind spots she uncovers, and the actionable steps women can adopt to bolster their fertility journey.

Functional Nutrition Explained

At its core, functional nutrition is a personalized, holistic approach to healthcare. It prioritizes understanding the unique nutritional needs and health challenges of an individual to devise customized dietary and lifestyle interventions. Unlike traditional nutrition that often adopts a one-size-fits-all mentality, functional nutrition digs deeper into the root causes of health issues, leveraging detailed testing and an individual's health history to craft a more effective, personalized treatment plan.

Michelle's Methodology

In her practice, Michelle Strong has developed a meticulous approach to helping women navigate their fertility challenges. Initially, she conducts comprehensive testing, including blood work, to gain a nuanced understanding of her client's health status. This data, viewed through a functional lens, enables her to identify specific nutritional deficiencies, metabolic imbalances, or other health concerns that could be impeding fertility. Armed with this insight, Michelle devises a tailored plan that encompasses nutrition, lifestyle changes, and, where necessary, supplements.

Identifying Key Blind Spots

One of the cornerstones of Michelle's practice is her ability to discern 'blind spots' in her clients' health and lifestyle routines that might be hindering their ability to conceive. These blind spots can range widely, from overlooked nutritional deficiencies and unaddressed mental health issues to inadequate gut health and suboptimal sperm health. By shining a light on these areas, Michelle embarks on a holistic journey with her clients to address and rectify these overlooked aspects, significantly improving their chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy.

Empowering Women for Fertility Success

For women striving to enhance their fertility, Michelle recommends several key strategies. Foremost among these is adopting a Mediterranean diet, rich in antioxidants, which has been shown to significantly boost fertility outcomes. Regular, moderate exercise, ensuring optimal levels of vitamin D, and fostering a better balance in mental health and stress management, also play critical roles. Importantly, Michelle emphasizes the necessity of customized supplementation plans, including probiotics and prenatal vitamins, tailored to address individual deficiencies and health needs.

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