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Episode 76 - Yoni steaming for fertility w/ Marina Lyshova

Françoise Molenaar

Feb 15, 2024

Yoni steaming is an ancient practice that we find in healing traditions all across the globe. It has physical benefits, such as by increasing blood circulation in your womb, and more spiritual and energetic benefits. It’s an excellent tool to start connecting to your womb and your intuitive wisdom On this episode of the podcast, womb wisdom keeper Marina Lyshova explains how you can use yoni steaming to improve fertility and how to set up your own yoni steaming practice.

​​What is yoni steaming?

Yoni steaming, an ancient, universal practice, offers profound benefits. It facilitates a deep connection between women and their womb space, fostering self-care and emotional wellness. The practice enhances overall female health by boosting circulation, promoting cleansing, and restoring vitality in the womb area. Enhanced creativity and an overall sense of being balanced and in sync with your natural cycles are among the life-transforming benefits.

Setting up your steam

Getting started with Yoni steaming is surprisingly simple. Place a pan (preferably steel or glass) of steaming, herb-infused water beneath your seated position. Should your seating arrangement allow it, you may sit directly over the pot. Remain covered with a long skirt or blanket to ensure the healing steam remains encapsulated. 

Using herbs in your steam

Wondering which herbs to use? For universal applicability, herbs like Chamomile, Red Raspberry Leaf, Lavender, and Calendula work perfectly well. For those looking to target specific areas, such as menstrual irregularities or a 'cold womb', custom blends can be made. But remember, simply using hot water can also be beneficial, such is the power of the steam. And don’t forget to infuse your steam with intention. 

When to steam or not to steam?

While yoni steaming has many benefits, there are times when it's not advisable. Avoid steaming during menstruation as the uterus is already undergoing its natural process of cleansing. Similarly, it's not recommended to steam if there’s a chance of pregnancy, during an active infection, or if you have an IUD. Generally, the best times to steam are just before your period begins, shortly after it ends, and around the time of ovulation.


The end of a yoni steam shouldn't mean the end of your ritual. Stay warm for the next 24 hours to ensure the healing properties of the steam are maximised, avoiding activities that expose you to cold temperatures. This means ice baths and cold floors are out of the question! Journaling your feelings and experiences after each session can also be beneficial in monitoring progress and developing a deeper understanding of your body.

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