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Episode 75 - Embodied pregnancy loss w/ Marina Lyshova

Françoise Molenaar

Feb 7, 2024

Womb wisdom keeper Marina Lyshova shares her personal experiences, which includes the emotional rollercoaster of (in)fertility, the pain of a miscarriage, and the healing that occurred afterwards. She emphasizes the importance of nurturing the connection with your womb and the role it plays in redefining the conception of self and navigating through emotional traumas. She also touches upon her work with yoni steaming, her learning through the miscarriage experience, and the importance of self-trust along the journey.

The journey to becoming a mother is unique to every woman. For Marina Lyshova, who bravely shared her fertility journey on the 'That Fertile Feeling' podcast, becoming a parent involved unexpected challenges and moments of deep self-reflection.

Marina's fertility journey began when her intentions of conceiving naturally didn't fall into place as smoothly as she had hoped. The struggle wore heavily on her psyche leading to feelings of frustration, confusion and resentment. This emotional turmoil underscored the reality that getting pregnant doesn’t always come easily for everyone.

Marina's journey took an unexpected detour when she experienced a miscarriage at 14 weeks. Despite the initial shock, Marina found strength in acknowledging the reality of her pregnancy loss. This miscarriage was a stark reminder of the absence of control in this aspect of life. It was a painful loss, an intense grieving process that left her feeling lonely and devastated.

Despite the turbulent emotions and hardships, Marina embarked on a transformative healing process. She found comfort and healing in various practices and traditions, like yoni steaming, connecting with her womb and the ceremonial burial of her placenta. These methods became a lifeline, allowing her to express her grief and start the healing process.

Throughout her journey, Marina learned the importance of trust, body connection and self-care especially during fertility challenges and after experiencing loss. For those trying to conceive, Marina advises trusting the body and its processes, staying connected to physical sensations and emotional changes, and prioritising self-care. In living these principles, Marina found her path to resilience and peace amid her challenging journey.

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