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Episode 73 - Native Canadian fertility wisdom

Françoise Molenaar

Jan 24, 2024

Native Canadian healer Cindy Simpson Jurado is both a fertility shaman and a psychic surgeon who believes in connecting with feminine flow for effortless conception. She shares her personal and ancestral experiences in healing, spirituality, and helping many women overcome fertility issues. She emphasizes the importance of spiritual healing and nurturing positivity, linking infertility to suppressed emotions, trauma, and negative energy that may block conception. Cindy also explains her ability to connect with pre-born spirit babies and how these souls have a role in choosing their parents based on frequency compatibility.

Native Canadian wisdom views fertility and pregnancy loss from a deeply spiritual perspective. It is believed that pre-born babies, or spirit babies, exist in a higher frequency of love and choose their own parents and the experiences they wish to endure in their human lives.

A spiritual philosophy

For those dealing with fertility issues or experiencing pregnancy loss, it is often seen as a call to address blockages in one's physical, spiritual and emotional realms. The philosophy underlines that difficulties with conception are often associated with needing to heal past traumas, suppressed emotions, or disrupted connections with the self, causing blockages in the flow of love and life energy.

Those dealing with infertility are encouraged to reconnect with their spiritual essence, and through holistic healing methods, re-establish the balance and healing within themselves. This includes acknowledging and conversing with past and pre-born spirits and seeking their guidance, suggesting that we have the answers within us and that we are also equipped to self-heal.

Pre-born spirits

In the event of pregnancy loss, the pre-born spirits are believed to use their free-will and decide on their own life journey, implying that it isn't necessarily a 'fault' of the mother or a failure of their own healing process. Sometimes the higher purpose of some individuals may be to redefine motherhood or to mother in different ways, such as through adoption. 

In essence, the Native Canadian wisdom emphasises the importance of staying fluid, living in gratitude, honouring natural cycles such as the phases of the moon, and tuning into nature's medicine for healing and harmony. It encourages couples facing fertility issues to ask themselves why they are living in this particular era and how they are embodying their life purpose. 

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