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Episode 72 - Fertility astrology for 2024 w/ Juan Belmar

Françoise Molenaar

Jan 18, 2024

Can the stars tell you whether you will get pregnant in 2024? Unfortunately not, but they do provide you with some unique insight into the aspects of your fertility journey that you could strengthen or leverage to conceive. On this episode of the podcast, I talk with astrologer Juan Belmar about working with your natal moon, the full moon, and your fifth house to improve your chances of conceiving. We also touch upon the eclipses and how to work with those. Juan also gives some pointers for specific signs (sun/moon/asc) and how to work with their influences in 2024.

Natal moon

Look up the phase that your natal moon was in  (new, waxing, full, waning, etc). Every month your moon energy is activated during this phase, making it an excellent time for conception.


The new and full moons in Taurus and Cancer are also excellent times to conceive as these moons represent fertility and nurturing. You can also look up when the moon goes into these signs during other months. Any other full moon is also a great time to conceive.  


Eclipses take place on March 25th, April 8th, September 17th and October 20th. These are times when dark and light mix. Avoid conceiving on these days, or, if you know how to work with these intense energies, create space for ‘dark’ emotions that may arise at this time.  

Your Fifth House

Your Fifth House rules children but also self-expression and creativity. Activating your creativity will help you get into a different flow on your fertility journey as well. Explore the signs in your Fifth House to see how you can best work with your unique creative constellation. 

Aries (sun/moon/rising)

Chiron, the wounded healer, is in Aries this year. Look at your wounds, process what comes up so you don’t pass your wounds on to your children

Taurus & Gemini (sun/moon/rising)

Jupiter, the planet of abundance and luck, is in Taurus until May 26th

and in Gemini from May 26th onwards. Try to bring an energy of joy and fun to your fertility journey.

Pisces (sun/moon/rising)

Saturn is in Pisces until May 2025. Saturn tests us and leads us into the depths of our soul. Develop a daily practice & be very disciplined about

the steps you take to improve your fertility. Use your power of imagination by working with visualisations. 

Capricorn (sun/moon/rising)

Capricorns will feel the energy of Pluto, which also rules your whole system. Invest in the pre-conception process and make sure that your life energy is flowing and your hormones and vitamin levels are balanced. 

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