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Episode 71 - Creating fertility intentions that work

Françoise Molenaar

Mar 17, 2023

If you’re anything like me, you probably started 2024 off with a set of fertility intentions for the new year. Yet as you may well know, setting intentions is one thing, but sticking with them is a whole different ballgame. Here are the 3 steps that I take to make sure that my intentions translate into purposeful actions that help me improve my fertility and quality of life, and that help me heal much deeper wounds that I never even knew where there.

1. Set joyful intentions

The first step involves setting intentions that bring joy and relaxation, not stress. Choose what lightens up your spirit and sets your soul on fire. Your intuitive needs should guide your actions, not your fears or worries. For every intention – feel into your body: does the thought of doing this thing make you feel constricted or does it ignite a fire inside of you?

2. Create ‘blisscipline’

The second step involves making strategic plans to implement these joyful intentions. What really helps is to start with small, but non-negotiable commitments (doing something 5 mins a day or once a week), picking a fixed time for your new habits, and stacking new them onto existing ones (like getting out of bed). It’s also really important to track your progress and/or create accountability mechanisms. Remember, the objective is to make the practice easy and effortless.

3. Recognize inner resistance

The main reason we do not stick with your intentions, however, is that inner resistance arises. There’s a reason we’ve always been doing something in a certain way – it feels safe and comfortable. When you start to adopt a new habit, this can feel really threatening to your system – triggering old childhood wounds that tells you it’s wrong to set boundaries, to put your own needs in front of those of others, etc.

Acknowledging this resistance is the beginning of healing yourself and creating space to grow and handle challenges differently. And again, the body is an important gateway here. Feeling into your body will help you identify that first stab of resistance so that you can start tuning into the fears and conditionings underneath. This in turn will help you to get off autopilot and make deliberate choices about how you want to live your life.

Celebrate the resistance and embrace the change.

The true beauty of this process is that once your start honoring your resistance, you also start to understand what it's teaching you, and this will help you heal and grow. Embrace the discomfort as it's a sign of transformation.

These steps will help you stay dedicated to your fertility intentions, and ultimately, transform your approach to the fertility journey. It's about creating space for love, trust, and surrender and navigating the path to conception in a mindful, calm manner.

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