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Online course - 

Navigating early pregnancy

Did you just find out you're pregnant?

And do you feel like:

  • it's hard to connect to your baby

  • it's impossible not to loose yourself in fearful thoughts

  • your pregnancy only brings back memories from earlier loss

  • it's impossible to really be happy & relax and enjoy your pregnancy


Please know that you're not alone 

Getting pregnant can be really terrifying, especially if you've been trying to conceive for a while or if you have a history of pregnancy loss. 

I can still vividly remember the panic attack I suffered when I started spotting the day after I found out I'd finally gotten pregnant after years of fertility treatment. One of the women I work with, who bled throughout her entire first trimester, was terrified her entire pregnancy and could only think about how she wouldn't be able to bear it if she were to lose another baby.

Maybe you've gone through countless rounds of IVF and you don't want to jinx this pregnancy by letting yourself believe that it is finally your time. 

And then there's the whole wormhole of 'stress is bad for the baby so I shouldn't feel afraid because that creates stress, etc.' You get stuck in the resistance against your fears - which only makes you feel worse.

The only way to get over fear is to work through your fears

And I designed this online course to help you achieve this!

Because it is possible to start to relax and enjoy your pregnancy a bit more. To connect to your baby. And to surrender to the not knowing how this pregnancy will develop.


It will make you feel so much stronger AND it is the best preparation for motherhood

This course brings together all the lessons I learned as a meditation teacher, a mindfulness coach and a mother who has suffered pregnancy loss and fertility issues. It also builds on the experiences of the women I work with and the women I've interviewed for the 'That Fertile Feeling' podcast. 

Course content

Screenshot 2022-08-06 at 18.48.44.png

This course:

  • teaches you how to take care of yourself in early pregnancy

  • helps you connect to your baby

  • helps you embrace any fears that may arise


The course provides you with a number of practices that help you navigate these early weeks in a grounded manner


In particular, you will learn:

  • to identify and overcome limiting beliefs about your pregnancy

  • to connect with your baby in a loving and confident manner

  • to show your baby how his/her mother deals with tough emotions compassionately

What you get:

  • introduction video 

  • free-writing exercise 'Letting out your fears'

  • meditation 'Connecting to your baby'

  • ritual 'Connecting to your baby's energy'

  • dance exercise 'Embracing fear'

  • early pregnancy affirmations

Book now

  • Early pregnancy

    Online course to connect to your baby and address fear
    • introduction video
    • free-writing exercise 'letting your fears out'
    • guided meditation 'connecting to your baby'
    • dance exercise 'embracing fear'
    • ritual 'connecting to your baby's energy'
    • early pregnancy affirmations
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